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Universal Bloom

Selenite Rods

Selenite Rods

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Selenite is the crystal for cleansing and clearing space, it dispels negative energy and creates a safe and calming space wherever it is placed.

Enhancing clarity and focus it clears any confusion and helps you to see the deeper picture. 

Selenite is self cleansing and can cleanse and charge any other crystal!

Pair this with a black tourmaline crystal at your front door to cleanse, purify and protect your home from any negative energy. Use this as a charging plate for your crystals or a cleansing plate for your phone or jewellery. 

Approximately 6-7cm. 

This is for one rod only, each crystal is intuitively picked out for you - all crystals are cleansed before sending out to their new owners.

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    Experience deep emotional cleansing, self-awareness, and rapid spiritual growth.


    Let go of tension and stress, and drift into a world of euphoric bliss.


    Align chakras, balance mind, body, spirit, and strengthen immunity.


    Clear your mind, find serenity, and elevate mood with universal energy.